shiho chan (for miey)


Drawn on the 3ds for the fe 69 min from like a month ago!! Here’s another version of this picture on my Colors! gallery.
my mu babbu. i was thinking of doing a drawing for the rest of my mu’s too but… lazy… 
subparweed sent: you are such a good artist I love your style please keep being amazing I hope you have a good day today ok!! :D

omy gosh thank you so much :;;;;;;; I DUNNO WHAT TO SAY HAHAH it makes me so happy and speechless when people like my art lies down



HELLO!!! The banner says it all but I’ve reached 500 followers on my art blog!! I never expected this many people to follow it to be quite honest, so I’m really happy you all stayed all this time ;u;

To celebrate, I really want to give out some sketches… and I say sketches because that’s all I have time for at the moment… Soooo here we go! The rules are as follow:

  1. You do not have to be following kesamoe or solaciae.
  2. Only ONE reblog counts. I think tumblr only shows your username once so don’t go crazy lol (EDIT: LIKES DO NOT COUNT i thought i would add this because i didnt directly say it) 
  3. Reblogging period ends Friday, September 5th, 11:59 pm EST. Then I would use a random number generator to choose two winners!
  4. I will send an ask to the winners so please keep your asks opened. You must reply with your request by Saturday, September 6th, 12:00 pm EST, or you will lose your prize!! (I will not be picking new winners btw) YOUR REQUEST MUST DIRECTLY RELATE TO FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING because that’s all i feel like drawing nowadays AND MAY ONLY CONTAIN ONE CHARACTER.


  • one chibi sketch for one winner
  • another chibi sketch for a second winner
  • they will be colored but in my sloppy way of coloring sketches lmao im sorry
  • also i have no samples because my chibi style fluctuates a lot ;;;

ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU FOR 500 FOLLOWERS!!! and good luck!!! 

Thank you for participating! I will now be sending out asks to the two winners! Remember that you must reply by September 6th, 12:00 pm EST and your request must relate directly to FE:A!!!

I didn’t explicitly mention it but likes DO NOT COUNT for the art giveaway I am doing. I’m sorry!!